Weathering this storm together yet alone

Katherine Moskal, Team Rev3

Just some random thoughts and musings, maybe triathlon related, maybe training related, maybe just life related.

So many of us have at least part of identity wrapped around races, being a runner, being a cyclist, even being a swimmer, being a triathlete and that has been taken away from us. A piece of us has been amputated, but yet we still have the phantom pains of I’ve done the work or I was doing the work to prep for XX race, but now I don’t have that. Many of us have been furloughed or laid off. Some of us are stressed out because we can’t make our rent or our mortgage payment. Some are worried about where our next meal may come from. There are so many unknowns and so much uncertainty  and everyone handles this differently. And to be honest, there is no right way to handle it – everyone is going to handle things differently.

So, how am I handling it. To be honest, not well. I feel completely isolated. I don’t have a person or a pet to come home to – not that I get to leave the house very often! I work in healthcare and healthcare is most certainly uncertain right now. I am working remote and spend my days talking to  patients on the phone. That is pretty much the extent of human contact for me! I am still running outside, but will only ride inside on the trainer.  Zoom calls, which over the past few years were used to talk with my doctoral dissertation committee are now being used as my main venue of communication with friends. We have dinner and drinks together, we ride together, we just talk about our days together, and we talk about when we will actually be able to be together again for real. I cry a lot, I run, I go for walks, I ride my bike A LOT, I have even started doing yoga. I don’t understand how in the year 2020 living in the most industrialized  nation in the world – HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? I know we will weather this storm, I know we will come out hopefully stronger and smarter in the end, but being in the middle of it is scary.

So, you wonder why I am telling you all of this – my reason is to hopefully let you know that you are not alone. As a triathlon community, as a running community, as a community of people trying to make a living and get by, we are all in this together. Please allow yourself grace – if you don’t feel like working out don’t, if you feel like you want to do extra workouts – do them, if you want to eat a cookie – eat the darn cookie. More importantly, allow others in your communities grace – everyone is dealing with this differently. Please don’t judge and don’t shame, but share information, share ideas, share support, and most importantly share hope. Races will be there again, I promise. If you need something to motivate you, sign up for a virtual race and do it safely and from a distance of others. Respect that not everyone is going to be happy with this option, but encourage people to do them or to just move and then when we can actually come together as a community and race, race with grace, smile, encourage, and don’t get wrapped up in the small stuff.


The past 2 weeks have taught me so much. They have taught be that life is short and it is fragile. It really has taught me about what is important and that my friends is people, it is love, it is support. A triathlon (or any race) does not define me, it may help shape me and make me in part who I am, but I hope what defines me more right now is how I am handing this situation and I hope that once this is over, I will remember to treat people with patience, grace, and hope for better days.
So for now, I send you all virtual hugs and to be honest I cannot wait for the day when I can have a real in life in person honest to God bear hug! Stay strong, stay safe, and stay resilient. I can’t wait to see you all when we get to race again!

Katherine Moskal, Team Rev3

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